Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Who is inspiring who?

The fuel for artistic expression, the gas in the tank for the visual wonderment we hope our future images will reveal.
I received a dose at the most recent meeting of the Central Okanagan Photography Society, held at the Kelowna EECO Centre.
As the guest judge providing ratings and offering critiques of the photographs entered, I was both challenged and inspired by the process.
Congratulations to the many avid photographers who captured fine images worthy of praise. Kudos also to those who are early in the learning process - it takes courage to put your photos up on the same screen as the veterans of the group.
In the end, you can never really predict who will provide the others with the greater inspiration. I hope that I can inspire others through my feedback, plus my own images on my website - www.kelownaphotographer.com

Friday, November 14, 2008

Building up business

Recession? What recession?
Contrary to sour reports on all sorts of media recently, business has remained strong in Kelowna for photography in the last month. Providing quality photographs for clients in the central Okanagan has kept me from contributing to this web blog for a couple of weeks.
I'm certainly quite happy to be busy with projects - particularly with a large ongoing architectural photography project for an award winning builder in Kelowna. I have to commend Len Suchocki of Chriscan Construction for his acumen and perceptive vision - boldly moving forward with a strong advertising campaign to promote his new focus on commercial projects - added to residential construction.
The projects I've photographed in Kelowna and Westbank recently also shows that Len is an artistic visionary when it comes to fine architectural building and renovations.
Here's a pic from the REMAX head office for Western Canada located in Kelowna, revealing fine use of glass with wood and tasteful lighting. Enjoy. I certainly enjoyed photographing it.
While using an ultra-wide angle lens with very low distortion helps encompass a scene with impact, the photo really comes to life with careful placement of lighting - to enhance the glass while avoiding reflections that reveal your lights.
A challenge to execute, and a victory to relish.
More of my architectural photography is found online at my Kelowna Photographer website.